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affordable hemp flats?

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anybody know of a place with affordable hemp flats that i can use in my pocket diapers. i'm getting so tired of the stink and the dry time. i want something that can get really clean. feel free to PM me if necessary. thanks.
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Why not just buy some hemp fleece from a co-op and make your own flats (or have someone you know who sews make them). Flats are easy peasy...just serge or faux serge the edge of a square.

Might these work for you? I have not tried them. You can choose hemp jersey or hemp fleece, and the number of layers:

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Jennifer made me some hemp fleece flats custom to my sizing (and other specifications). She's an awesome WAHM and always ships fast and works hard.

I use the hemp salamander soakers in my pocket dipes from

I think they were $5.00 each. They dry very quickly and I can even snappi them on little dd.

I don't even know hot to sew a button, but I made hemp flats myself.
You will need to order some Hemp/Cotton Fleece or Hemp/Cotton Terry (I prefer hemp/cotton fleece), pre-shrink them in hot water and then cut them the size you prefer. They DO NOT unravel, so cut is all you need to do.
I bought 54" of open fleece for only 8.20 including shipping here

It is enough for four flat diapers + five 2-layer doublers. You cannot get any cheaper than that!!!
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