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After 16 months I finally have a system!!!

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For the past 16 months since my dd was born, I have bought and traded just about every non-hyena type diaper there was trying to find a system, sometime I would get down to to so few diapers I'd have to wash everyday. FINNALY I have 15 fuzzibunz and can go more than a day without washing!!! I have decided after many months of research, these are the diapers that work for us and I am sticking to it!!!!!

It is so freeing to not feel I have to try out any more diapers. Ahhhh, now she will probably potty train, because we have been doing EC since birth. LOL

I also want to thank all the great moms out there who have helped me build my stash. Especially Austin'smom!!! She rocks! And NCHIN was nice enough to sell me two fuzzibunz cheap and have me pay directly to Samuel's fund. It brought tears to my eyes that she would do that.

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Yay!! That's wonderful!

I hate to say this though.... we've developed our perfect system **3** times now, gotten it perfect, and then dd has had HUGE growth spurts that have entailed buying an entirely NEW system!!!

So, while I *think* I have our perfect system, I am too afraid to admit it and have her grow 6" and 6 lb overnight!!! Hehe.

Good luck! I hope you *do* get to use this system for a long time!
That is wonderful when you can find the right system.
Thankfully we have many snap settings left on the FB, and they fit my ds till he potty trained at 3 and a half a couple months ago, so I hope they last!!! I don't wanna buy more diapers!!! How often do you hear that on this board
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How great! I can say the same, after 15 months of cloth I feel the same. We use mostly FB, HBs and FMBG with a few SOS and various soakers thrown in the mix, and I
my stash!
I have never had a leak at night ( we never go to bed without a fuzzi bunz double stuffed with a Large Joey and a Regular UBCPF)
Cloth Diapering in confidence! Isn't is a great feeling?
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I've switched to mostly FB makes everything so much easier. Now I just have to talk myself into selling what's left of my fitteds and get a couple more FB and a couple wraps to use with prefolds as a back up and for variety sometimes. And I'm keeping my ME Sandy's, for when we really need them, as my DH likes to say (think really messy poo). I'm also having a hard time parting with my pockets that aren't FB even though they don't work as well for us.

Congratulations on finding your system! Now you can focus on other stuff. Hopefully I will join you soon.
Now I'm on a quest to find the perfect diaper bag. I have my eye on the stinkbug designs sling diaper bag the leaves and squiggle prints are soooo pretty.
I am looking for something that is easily put on messenger style. Any suggestions?

I had a petunia pickle bottom bag but was afraid to use it because it was too pretty...LOL
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woohoo!! glad you found the right system for you!! hope it stays perfect for a long, long time!!
Yay to finding a good system! I follow some of the hyena-stalking with interest but honestly FB have worked out great for us and that's what our entire stash is now too.

Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
Yay!! That's wonderful!

I hate to say this though.... we've developed our perfect system **3** times now, gotten it perfect, and then dd has had HUGE growth spurts that have entailed buying an entirely NEW system!!!
Us too! We're on our second overhaul now thanks to a growthspurt! Good luck on keeping her from growing much more during her diaper years/months!
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I love FB too! They are our main stash along with some HHs. I have just decided I love wool, now I have a couple wool covers and fitteds to do during the day. For the diaper bag/when I'm out I love FB...they are the only diaper I can totally depend on not leaking.
It must feel liberating to have your stash complete and be satisfied with it! I think I am figuring out what will work for us too. I'm selling off my fitteds and sticking with prefolds and FBs... although I am considering adding either Bumkins AIO or Very Baby to the stash for Daddy. I like my FBs, but get tired of stuffing. : )
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