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I didn't want DD to get any vaccs, but didn't want to make the decision w/o DH's consent and understanding. Well, she is 6 months and has recieved her 2 and 4 month DTaP, Polio, Prevnar and HIB vacs (2 at a time to watch for reactions). She did react to the last set of Prevnar and HIB. It has been 6 weeks, and there is still a pea size bump in her leg
It was the size of a quarter on both legs, and I have taken her to the HD about 3 times since. They just say that some kids get knots??? DH now cannot understand why I even got them, when I didn't want to. I know not to get anymore, but I don't know what to do about this knot? It is slowly going away, but I worry that it did something to her
Does anyone know if there is anything else I should do? Should I take her to the ped? Has anyone else experienced this? Is it considered normal, and nothing to worry about?

I didn't put this in the Vac. forum b/c it seems really anti vacing, but if it needs to be moved, I would totally understand

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