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After giving up....I'm back at it again!

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Hi all - I'm padomi, previously known as MilliesMum. I was a regular in this forum a while back until I gave up ttc out of complete frustration b/c I was still nursing and had no AF. Well, I got my first AF 3 wks ago and did the bd about 14 days past beginning of AF (for 3 days around that time). I have no idea if my AF will be regular or what's going on (I only know I had forgotten how yucky AF is - I was very lucky to go almost 3 yrs without). But I'm ready to get pg again. REALLY READY!!!! So anyway, here I am. Crossing my fingers.
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Welcome back, Padomi! Sending loads of
your way. Hopefully you caught that eggie and can go another 3 yrs with no period! You lucky girl!!
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Thanks! I remember how supportive this forum was before. I'm happy to be back.
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