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After MC..ovualtion before AF?

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I am wondering ...will my body ovulate before the first AF after MC? Thank you..(I tried looking this up but couldn't really find an answer.) Jennifer
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everyone's body is different so there is no definate answer. Yes, it is possible to o before af arrives. I think it all depends on how far along your loss occurred, how regular you were before the pg, etc.
After my first m/c at 12.5 i had af 2x before i o'd. It was something like 18 wks after the m/c before I o'd.
After my 2nd m/c at 6 wks I must have o'd about 4 wks after my m/c bcs af never came and i got a bfp.
so i hope this helps

I certainly did after my first M/C. We got pregnant with our second about 20 days after our first M/C began, before any AF. Sadly, the second pregnancy also ended in loss. I'm now about 3 weeks after our second M/C began, and I have signs that I'm ovulating today. I've heard it said that you are especially fertile after a M/C - I'm not sure what that means, if your CM is of the highest quality, or what.
Our DO has said that there is not sign that it helps to wait to ttc if you had an early loss. However, I can attest to the fact that it haunts me that if I had waited a cycle or so, that maybe this one would have survived. I think it helps your peace of mind to give your uterus time to thicken up again - it may have nothing to do with reality, but at least you won't be second-guessing your decision.
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i O'ed about 3.5 weeks after my m/c. i think it depends on how long you bleed and how long it takes the pregnancy hormones to clear from your body.

today is about 5 weeks since my m/c and i hope i get to test for pregnancy in a few more days!
Thank you for replying...I was asking because we had birth control malfunction and I know that I would not choose pregnancy for months from now because I had a medically bad MC. I hope everyone is doing okay today...I am happy for you honeybee..this could be the week!!!
I believe I did. I had some opaque dark yellow/brown discharge and thought hmmm am I o'ing then exactly 2 weeks later the first flo started.
I definetly am. I have been ready to jump on everyone today.(impaitiently waiting for my husband to get home) it is 3x's stronger than a normal ovulation. i mc at the end of March. I am going to take an o test now.
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I did not. I had a m/c in November and had an anovulatory cycle right after the miscarriage. The one after that was normal, though.
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