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After mealtime cleaning battles?

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DD just turned one--and has been "toddling" around my house for the past two months now, it's blowing me away. BUT we are having an issue with after-meal clean up. DD eats well and enjoys mealtime, but afterwards she goes beserk while I'm cleaning her up. I've tried everything I can think of, making it a game, using a special doll mit, giving her warning . . . inevitably, I wind up holding her arms firmly while cleaning her up as quickly and gently as I can, while she is screaming bloody murder and trying to squirm away.

It's awful. I can't not clean her, but I don't feel good about having a huge battle of wills about it after every meal, either. Does anyone have suggestions/experience about making this less traumatic?

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The puppety bath mitts are a help here, (we play "Froggy's gonna eat your FACE!!!) and a full bath eases the blow too, but I think most toddlers just hate being MESSED with. Tooth tickling and diaper changing are also frequently challenging.
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