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After no sleep going on 3 days, this April Fool's crap is making me want to cry.

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I do not have the brain cells to decipher the garbldygook.

OK - DD 10.5 mo. Never what I'd call a *great* sleeper but we were doing fine. Co-sleeping, she does wake freq. to nurse, but I don't wake up much, so no problem whatsoever. Pretty good napper, too.

Then 3-4 days ago she started waking up every night at 1:30 AM and there is NOTHING we can do to get her to go back down. For 2-3 hours. Every night it has gotten worse. Last night we got almost no sleep. As soon as she was back sleeping & we set her down on the bed she woke up - or 20 minutes later.

I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. I told my DH I hated him last night and he said lovely things to me. It was really the sleep deprivation talking. we took turns w/ her but it still wasn't nearly enough & she cried everytime he took her, wnated only me.

have read No Cry Sleep Solution, not working for us here, probably nothing will & we just have to get through it, but I barely remember my own name and my mental state is extremely BAD. My husband is on a hair trigger. He is so patient w/ DD but his patience is breaking down...he would never yell AT her but he yells at ME in her presence. Again, this is sleep deprivation talking.

We have tried everything to get DD back to sleep when she wakes. Nursing, walking, rocking, patting, singing, letting her play 'til she drops (she doesn't! she's the energizer bunny). I'm sure this is due to her recent explosion in motor skills, but how long will it last???????

anyway, PLEASE no flaming of any sort, I CANNOT handle it. NO I am not EVER going to let her CIO. We are so sweet & gentle w/ DD. But I am GOING MOTHERF******G CRAZY.

that is all.
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Hey, you are doing great with such little sleep. Like my friend said, yknow that's what they use to TORTURE people, sleep deprivation! So I hear you. It will get better (like that helps-- sorry). Just cry and breathe and someday you will remember this time and be glad you are getting more sleep. I promise. Hugs.
I've had sleep and the backwards words are driving me batty. I don't know WHAT they were thinking, it's not funny, it's just annoying.

Anyway, is it teething?
nap with her during the day. Perhaps dad can sleep in another room so during the day he can take her while you rest.

ds is kind of going through something like this too. He wants to be rocked when he wakes and then sleep in my arms. So that's what I do.
My dd is going through a similar thing right now. She's always nursed a lot at night but lately she's been having these "awake" periods lasting 1-2 hours. Drives me
. She wants to play and crawl over eveyone else in bed. The she wants to nurse or pinch my boob and then off to play again. The only thing that saves me is knowing that it will pass. My ds is proof of that. I remember moments with him that I thought I was gonna lose it and then before I knew it, it was another phase.

Hope you get some sleep soon. You're not alone at 1:30am!
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Mamatoone, sounds like our DDs are about the same age. Your post made me feel better.

Thanks everyone. I feel somewhat better but I am dreading tonight. I also have a toothache, getting progressively worse, which I think is what kind of put me over the edge this morning.

I am napping w/ DD and doing most of what was suggested...I'm lucky DH is willing to do all that he does, if I were a single mom I'd be in the looney bin by now!
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Yep, our dd's are definitely close in age. DD turned 10 months about a week ago. Just noticed your dd's name. We had chosen Norah for a girls name when I was pregnant with ds almost 3-1/2 years ago. He ended up being a Nolan. When I became pregnant again we still really wanted to use Norah but realized that it might sound a little funny with Nolan so we decided not to. I still love the name though
. We ended up with another "N" name though and Nadia suits dd to a tee!

And I agree that when you're not feeling great, a sleepless night does not help. Crossing my fingers for you tonight (and for myself
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Then 3-4 days ago she started waking up every night at 1:30 AM and there is NOTHING we can do to get her to go back down. For 2-3 hours.
This is REALLY common. I think we've all been through it. It usually happens when they're learning a new skill--sitting up, crawling, standing, walking, etc. We're going through it now with DD because she wants to practice her new words in the middle of the night (I awaken to yells of "tickle tickle tickle!")

From what I've seen around here, really the only way to handle it is to play dead--don't move at all. The minute you move, most babes will be up for 2-3 hours. Let your babe get up and play and move around. Within 45 minutes, she'll get bored and will resettle herself. Next night, it will be a shorter amount of time before she resettles herself. If you continue to ignore it, it won't last more than 4-5 days.

Thoroughly babyproof your room. If you're worried about DD falling off the bed, put the mattress on the ground while she's going through this. DH and I used to keep DD on the bed by having the bed against the wall and then one of us slept next to her and the other along the end of the bed. Crazy, I know, but she couldn't escape and would just play on the bed.

The thing I always tried to remember is that it's developmentally appropriate for them to do this--she's so excited to practice her skills and I tried to look at it as a time of learning. And I did what everyone else has suggested and I napped with her during the day and put things on hold for a few days.
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Thanks, rzberrymom! DD is doing all sorts of new things - trying to talk, standing alone, etc. - so I"m not really surprised by this either. But I have tried the "playing dead" thing (actually learned that one a few months back when she had a similar spell) and it just isn't working this time! She will play until she gets bored and then whimper to be picked up and taken to the living room where her toys are (sometimes I get toys & bring them back to bed, but that doesn't work either). She hasn't tried getting off the bed yet - it's on the floor on the box spring but she doesn't know how to climb down.

Last night! She did wake up but I was able to settle her by tucking her under my arm and repeatedly offering to nurse. Then DH took her this morning and I napped. Heaven! thanks everyone for your help. I feel better & my eyes do not look so bloodshot this morning.'

Edit: just to clarify, if I could sleep through her playing on the bed, there would obviously be no problem! DD is a little monkey and 'plays' by crawling all over me...impossible to sleep. Thank G-d that last night she was able to be 'coerced' into sleeping instead of playing...she went to bed later, too, maybe that helped. I am thinking of buying a crib to put in our room so I can put her there if she wants to play and I just can't handle getting up...eventually I'm sure she will need me to get up with her but it might buy me a few minutes of sleep if I place a lot of toys in there. I know she would like pulling up on the bars, too.
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Awwww...'re doing great!! The sleep depravation can really get to you though sometimes, hu?? Yesterday I got into bed with the bebe & we slept ALL DAY!! It was amazing & I loved every second, sometimes ya just have to do that!! Glad you did get some sleep last night!!
Just remember: "This too shall pass..."
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if I could sleep through her playing on the bed, there would obviously be no problem! DD is a little monkey and 'plays' by crawling all over me...impossible to sleep.
But, it sounds like you're awake whether she plays while you pretend to be asleep or whether you get up with her. And it seems to me that she would likely settle more quickly if you play dead than if you get up and engage her.

Gosh, I hope it gets better for you soon!
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