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I've got plugged ducts again! GRRRRRR! I just had them in the same breast same spot two weeks ago. I'm very angry.
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I had that happen a few times - I'd get another plugged duct in the same area as soon as one had cleared. Someone on here told me about taking ibuprufen (Motrin) for several days AFTER the plug has cleared to reduce the inflammation that is still there. Otherwise it can easily get plugged again due to the inflammation already there. The ibuprufen seemed to fix this problem.
Ah, welcome to my world!
Mine have been different ducts each time but I had mastitis 3 times in the month of may and as soon as I finished the last nasty round of antibiotics I got a plugged duct. I was able to get rid of that one with out getting sick though, thank goodness.

Have you tried taking a Lecithin supplement? I can't vouch for whether or not it will do the trick since I just started taking it a week ago. I do hear great things about it though. It's supposed to help keep ducts unclogged I think by helping to break down the fat.

I feel your pain. I hate, hate, hate those!

Good luck.
lecithin works great and has helped me
also, i found that i can only wear bravado bras that put no pressure on the breast tissue when i nurse.
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Ok, the plug came out after a few hours. Now it is two days later and it is back!

I'm definately going to look for lecithin. Where does one find this?
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