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Against mainstream media

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A Plan and a Plea
It's Time to Unite Against the Mainstream Media
Editor - - 24-June-2004


As a direct result of the deception, rather than simply the bias of the mainstream news media, much of the American public is oblivious to these, and many other vital issues. The efforts of highly respected people and groups to increase public awareness have been ignored. Regardless of the magnitude of any warnings, the media have opted to echo and support the propaganda supplied by the White House and in effect to promote its policies. They will not question, they will not challenge, and they will not scrutinize.
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We must directly hold the media accountable for 3 1/2 years of relentless investigations into the Scott Peterson case while completely ignoring the Cheney lawsuits.
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Glad you posted this, Stacie. I get a daily email from TvNewsLies- with headlines and links to the top news that the media doesn't bother to report. It's free and it's very diverse...from war news to environmental information, health, politics, etc.

There are some really good editorials on the site, too. Check it out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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