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Ah, another 3 yr old question...

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There seem to be a lot of mamas with three yr olds needing help!! Well, count me in, I have a problem I have NO idea how to deal with...

My 3 yr old is really something else. I sometimes feel like he continues to try and find ways to outdo himself as far as his stunts go, and it's very frustrating to me. I really struggle with keeping myself calm and not yelling, I also have a 2 yr old and a 3 wk old baby, no way to go anywhere, and I'm very tired and exhausted, along with fighting ppd (I've started medication for this).

Here's the latest: he is getting into the cabinets and fridge and taking food to his room. Yesterday, after smashing his brother's finger in the door, he took a can of soda and sprayed it all over his room. Then, he got into the fridge and got the hamburger meat I was thawing and smeared that over his bed. This actually made me sick. I did explain to him why we don't behave in this way...

But, then this morning. I was nursing the baby and accidentally fell asleep. During that time, he got the jar of applesauce, a container of cool whip, all of the bagels, and a couple of cans of dh's slim fast and took that to his room and proceeded to fling it all over. There is food on the ceiling and walls! I have to use their closet for my clothes because the one in my room is too small, and dh has uniforms along with regular clothes, and all of my clothes are now needing to be laundered, because he threw all that stuff in there, too.

When I found that mess, I just started crying. I have so much on my plate right now, I just can't keep up with him, and I don't know how to address these issues. I was having a hard time with him even before the baby was born, so I really don't think it's all about the new baby (though I'm sure some of it is). He doesn't do a whole lot of talking, so he doesn't convey his feelings with us at all, even with me working on that with him...

What am I doing wrong?
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I am crying with you! I can't even imagine that mess, you poor thing! I thought my 3 yr. old dd wacking her sister on the head and coming to tell me she's a bad girl and needs quiet time was horrifying, but you'd probably take my problem over yours any day of the week. I don't really have any good advice for you, except maybe what you've been suspecting all along; that because he doesn't talk that much, "action" is how he conveys his feelings. Before baby came, he knew baby was coming. So, after baby is here, it's just escalating. I wish I could help you clean up that mess! Hugs!

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I have only a few words for you regarding the food stuff:

cabinet locks
fridge lock
lock kitchen door
high gate in kitchen doorway
or anything else that will keep him out of there.

And have a container of "stuff" he can play with that's kitchen related since he obviously enjoys doing it.

Set up activity times when you can supervise him playing with messy stuff. This way he knows that he can do it but he needs to be with you.

Have a few baskets of "play by yourself" toys so he can do that if you take a nap. Make sure he knows how to play with him.
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