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Today was the local breastfeeding event in honor of WBW. There was a get together at a park downtown and a mini-parade around a few blocks. I met some wonderful ladies, in particular one mom nursing 2.5 yo twins and one who had a 6mo ds who was super adorable. The twin mama nursed both the twins in the park at one point
such a sweet sight. There was even a visiting mama from WA who had already been to her "breastfest" up there and had Tshirts and buttons and everything.
I heard one lady comment "oh, how wonderful they're doing something for world breastfeeding week!"
And we got a few honks of support when we were doing our little parade. It wasn't very big, but it did get press coverage. There's another one north of here next week that I'm going to try to make.
It was so nice to see older nurslings and meet moms that are willing to let their little ones self wean.

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I just posted this on another board:

One more thought... just set a time and email everyone you know to get together in a public place.

Just 2-3 people gathered in a public place with their children nursing has great potential to reach so many people.

Add a homemade World Breastfeeding Week sign and a few balloons and a few more people might come up and talk to you about breastfeeding.

The point of a Nurse Out is that it is just that simple!

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