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Ahhh, the smell of fresh plowed dirt!

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Dh came home from work yesterday and before I knew it had the tractor our and was plowing up the main garden and kids garden areas. I love the smell of fresh plowed/tilled dirt lol
yes I know thats probably odd. But it makes me think of the planting soon, the kids running around checking on growth of their own garden section, weeding, and of course harvesting! I am so glad spring is here although today feels a bit chillier and not as sunny as yesterday.

Dd has started a ton of the kids vegetables and so far the parsley, brocolli, basil, and a I believe her pumpkins have sprouted. Today after wash is done I will get in the herb garden and start readying that area. Dh made it for dd and I right outside the back porch door last year.

Did I mention I love that spring is here
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