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Ahhhh.... heavenly nursing bra

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A friend of mine directed me to this site:

I ordered two bras, the Microfiber Nursing Bra (Elle MacPherson immitation bra), and the Bravado Plus Nursing Bra. The Bravado is fine (though a little tight for size), but the Microfiber one is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's MORE comfortable than those prospirit yoga pants I was raving about a few months ago. Seriously. I might just wear this bra instead of normal bras after I'm done nursing!
And best of all, it's only $20!

It doesn't have an underwire, but it has great support. It's Mirofiber, but with a comfy cotton lining, and it fits true to size. SO darn comfy!!!

Just FYI!

Any other good finds out there?
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I might be getting too personal, but I was wondering how big your breasts are. I wear a 36 E and have had a terrible time finding a good nursing bra. Do you think I should try the microfiber out? The Bravados are only ok, not very supportive. However, they are comfortable.
I wear a 40D while nursing, or a 38-40C while not nursing. I'm not sure if the microfiber would give you enough support, as the material is stretchy. It's a strong bra, though, so maybe? I find it totally comfortable.

The Bravado I tried was the Large+, and to me it gave a lot of support, though it was that tight sports-bra kind of support. The Bravado + one I was talking about is a pull-on, racer-back bra. Have you tried that one? It has a sort of tight feel to it, but because of the design it doesn't result in a uni-boob.

Did you look on the site I posted? They advertise an extra support softcup bra that looks like it might do a good job. Let us know if you try it!
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Thanks for the reccomendation! I'm in the market for a good nursing bra, all I have now is a sports nursing bra, and I would love to have something a little more flattering, expecially since I have boobs now!
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My nursing bras have been disappearing into some laundry black hole and I could really use some new ones--thanks for the link!

All I have are some crummy Target bras. They're soft but don't fit well. I ordered a new one from Motherwear which should come today... if I don't like it I'll try the microfiber one. Thanks!!!
You ladies should look at . She has a great selection of nursing bras and nursing tops. I am a 34H and she has supportive bras for me. I bought an Anita bra and have the Bravado Large ++. She will totally help you find the right size-email or call her don't just measure. She really knows her products and will be able to help you find the right bra-that fits correctly!
Good luck!
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