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help me please,im a sahm to a 20 month old and a 5 month old, we dont have a car, there is still snow on the ground and it is very windy here lately, we are all stuck in the house with nothing to do, the days are so long and i dont know how to fill in the time, 20 month old always wants to play with me, I love to play, but im running out of ideas, i find myself using the tv here and there with 20 month old, and i hate it, but sometimes i need some time to prepare a meal or whatever.... 20 month old is always trying to get at her sister, to stick her finger down her throat or step on her stomach or "accidently" kick her when walking by.... 5 month old loves rolling around on floor and i dont want to take that away from her... today dd 20 m. tried to step on dd stomach and i grab her foot and said no loudly and she fell down on her bum, and cried, I felt so terrible. Everytime i go to the store to look for good educational toys that will keep a kid busy, i cant find any, i would also like some ideas for games or toys we can use together.
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i would also like some ideas for games or toys we can use together.
most things you have around, a 20 month old would love pots and wooden spoons. Or get the egg carton and a bunch of things to put in one section and move.

Cabin fever things I do:
1. Turn on music and dance, the 20 month old will like it and the 5 month old can watch or you can dance with her.
2. move from room to room, go to the bedroom play around there for a bit.
3. make a big event out of the mail comming...
4. make a small tent - put sheet over kitchen table (small sheet
that can go on for hours picnic table clamps are useful.
5. large box cut out one side.....again hours, give 20 month old crayons dd had a tough time when we had to throw out the refrigerator box.
6. teach dd to pick up after herself
throw big party when she puts her shoes in the closet (ds pushes the button on the dryer that's his job) okay maybe that smacks of kid tricks but kids get bored when they feel they are doing nothing too.
7. puppets and dress up clothes a 20 month old would love hats and sunglasses that won't poke eyes. Make her into a cat with wiskers.
8. head and shoulders (any 20 month old might stop poking when mom yells out and starts the song works like a charm around here....)
9. get dd a doll to show her appropriate baby activities
then she can pester the doll, she can keep her doll baby safe...
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Google the words preschool __________ insert word of animal/object
and then download/print the pictures that you find. Sit down and color with your older baby while the younger baby plays nearby.
Play in the bathtub.
Bake something where older child can help stir something in a bowl.
Even on a cold day, a short walk is sometimes possible if everyone is dressed properly.
Sit on one side of the room, and try to throw soft items into a large bowl, or trash basket across the room.
Hang in there, these days will pass.
Check out the sticky in the toddlers forum - it has lots of great ideas for activites w/ the 20 mo. so the 5 mo. could roll around freely!
When I need to fix a meal, sometimes I let dd (2 1/2) play at the kitchen sink. I pull up a chair, get some towels, and fill the sink with bubbles. It keeps her occupied while I cook.
My two favorite websites for ideas are and

Also - if you have a pack-n-play it might be helpful to let baby sleep/play in it to keep her safe from sister when your attention is divided (cooking, etc.).

I tried making an indoor sandbox one time with a jumbo sized bag of rice - my wild son threw rice ALL OVER the place - but I have read that this is a good activity for calmer children.

Baths - does she like bathes? We take lots of baths in my house. I love having DD play in the tub while I glance at a magazine or listen to a book on tape. Bathtub is also a good place for eating popsicles and fingerpainting.
Do you have a "yes" cupboard in your kitchen? It's a cupboard that's kept unlocked and filled with stuff that's safe for a toddler to play with: old pans, empty cereal boxes, a wooden spoon, whatever catches her fancy. She can play in there and talk to you while you cook.

I have some adorable pictures of my DS playing in our yes cupboard when he was your DD1's age. He was always smiling when he played in there.
thank u so much for all of the suggestions, im definitely going to try them out!!
Oh boy....I feel your "pain"
. It is so hard sometimes trying to find a variety of stuff to do to keep little ones happy and busy plus get some time for you to get stuff done. Great ideas from other posters. The bath is always a hit for us bc 20mo ds loves the water. Another thing you might consider but it does take some clean up afterwards is to let your older babe sit in a high chair and have at some yogurt, ice cubes, pudding, whip cream, etc.... This always keeps my ds happy for a pretty long time. Enough time to get dinner dishes cleaned up and a load of laundry in. Then I just strip him down and get him in the tub...double fun. Hang in there. It does get easier and you'll be so thankful in another year or so when the two of them are great playmates.
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