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AIO help needed...

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Help wanted: Need x-large aio's prefer quick dry for hopefully soon-to-be-using-the-potty girl. Don't want to break the bank as she has expressed and interest in not wearing dipes but still need something. Any suggestions? I will probably be scouting for used ones but need an idea of who makes 'em so I can start haunting the tp :LOL Looking for 20" rise or thereabouts, I don't mind low-rise, 22" waist I think (as close as I could tell before she ran away) and 15" thighs - got those from my side of the family..sigh.

Any ideas what to look for?

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Try valor kids - Kathleen has a big babe, so she can help get a great size!
For my ds who wears an xl I have LHC, LL, and LDs that are all quick dry. Then then there are Many Ducks and Mudpie Babies, but they aren't that easy to get.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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