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AIO that can be reused?

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Okay, I know that all AIO's can be washed and reused, but I thought I found in my searches an AIO that has a snap in liner, so that as long as the baby just pees, the AIO can be reused right away with a dry liner? Was I just hallucinating?

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this is pretty much any quick-dry AIO as long as there isn't any absorbant material in the shell part of the AIO. I think they are usually a print outer, PUL, then topped with microfleece. Little Lambs springs to mind first

There seem to be about a zillion of this type of aio out there right now.


are just a few.

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It might have been on ebay that you saw it. The seller wendyh25 who makes wrap-arounds says you can just change the soaker and reuse the AIO. It is basically the idea of the Bizzy B Hive or RB sets but they aren't coutoured so don't provide as much coverage. They are basically a lay in doubler. I don't think she is making diapers any more though and her website is no longer functioning.
You can do it with Luke's Drawers AIW's too.
How could you all forget to mention ANGELWRAPS????

I have a ton of these, Carrie and they are sooooooooooo cute and work really well. I even cheat and use her snap ins in other dipes because I loev them so much!!!

She has great customer service and the cutest prints!!!

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Yes, the two Angelwraps Im waiting on, I ordered an extra soaker with each of them for a few extra dollars. This is great because it brings the cost down from approximately A$24 for one nappy to about $A30 for two. I find that two or at the most three changes is the most I can get out of one shell though.

With the one I have at the moment, I lay a prefold in it after the soaker is wet.
Thanks Lo
It's good to see you posting. I'll check out the website! Dh told me to use his CC since he paid the bill and then returned something and now has a credit on it, so I don't want to disappoint him.....
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I too love Little Lambs and Angelwraps are soooo pretty!
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