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AIO's instock & nice, where to buy from??

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Hi ladies... I need to get more AIO's. The fcb's just are not doing it for us!!

I am looking for nice & cute, instock & ABSORBANT!!! I prefer solids & well made & nice design. Not really wanting the basic velcro kind ... KWIM.... Anyhne have any to recomend??

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i just bought a few from calico baby (though they're mostly prints instock):

also, baby soft wraps has a ton instock, and lots of solids.
Do you notice leaks with prints?? Thats the only reason i do solids. I have heard so much about prints leaking i just stayed away.

i'm going to look now at the above & see what is around...
Tykie diapers is stocking later today and she makes great AIOs...fleece ones too

(and if you need anywhere to unload those FCB
: )
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There are some Valor Kids available at and Valor Kids are prints (and BEAUTIFUL!) - I have had NO problems with leaking though, even the really old VK AIO I bought off ebay.

The only one that wicks is the velour one, but I assume that's because it's... well... velour.

I shied away from prints initially too, but I think if you get a good quality AIO it's OK.
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My ever so pretty Lucy's Hope Chest print all in ones never leak or wick. Maybe because the pul is a separate layer beneath the print & the fleece, rather than a print with pul painted on? And they're so well made. I
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Ok still looking. i am just not seeing anything ladies....

maybe i'm being to picky. ugh...... if only my very baby i ordered the right size!!!

and now she is closed to more customs & my diapers are going to be to big. like a dope i ordered xl thinking he would need those but nooo... he needs larges... UGH...
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Originally Posted by liam's mom
i just bought a few from calico baby (though they're mostly prints instock):

Shes always sold out of Larges.. and I need larges.
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