Air New Zealand wants to help mamas who are flying with their kiddos.
While we often hear stories of airlines that make traveling as a family harrowing, Air New Zealand is working to make it easier, introducing the Skycouch for families.

Air New Zealand wants to help mamas who are flying with their kiddos and has developed the "Skycouch," which is a row of three economy seats that can be converted to a flat surface. The area also has an infant harness and belt so that kids can stay lying down the entire flight. Yes, even during take-off and landing!

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The infant pod they created gives extra comfort and extra protection for little littles, who often fly in their parent's lap when under the age of two. And, they've updated the Skycouch Cuddle Belt, which only allowed two adults or an adult and a child who are traveling together to recline side by side. Now it allows two children to use it, so families have a bit more flexibility when traveling.
The Skycouch will allow families to travel more comfortably

Anita Hawthorne is the general manager of Air New Zealand and said that originally Skycouch was purposed for couples, but they found that parents with young children really preferred it, and said it made a difference in their travel. Hawthorne said that now parents are able to relax a bit while their children have their own space and flat surface area that will allow them to rest and not disturb other passengers.
Air New Zealand will allow families to travel more comfortably

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The design is in the approval process and the airline is planning to make the modified Skycouch ready onboard in the next few months.

Well done, Air New Zealand!

Photos: Air New Zealand