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Air purifiers?

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Does anyone here have a type they prefer? Hepa (Honeywell, for ex.) or Negative Ionization (Living Air, for ex.)?

Do you think they "really" clear the air of mold and dust mites, etc? I'd love any feedback you can provide.

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We have an Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image. I don't know that it completely cleans the air, but it does remove a significant amount of crud. We clean the grid/filter dealie every few days, and it's always dirty. And dd used to have a chronic cough, but it's cleared up since we got this thing.
We have a whole house HEPA filter (very pricey), and I have a Honeywell filter in my bedroom (it was about $200 at Home Depot). Some of the best purchases we ever made, IMO. They make a HUGE difference for me (I have asthma). I can totally tell the difference when I'm away from home. I have a friend who bought the LA Classic for her home, but personally, I don't think it does a great job of keeping any smells down......but that might be my pregnant sense of smell!
I have never had a commercial air filter, though I'm sure they are nice to have! I did want to add that one cheap and attractive way to clean the air is to have houseplants! There are several that are really good for air filtering, although they all are to some degree. Some of the good ones are gerbera daisies, philodendrons, spider or airplane plants, and peace lilies.

I was just thinking of asking the same thing.
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We don't have one, though it's on my wish list.

I will say that when I visit my friend who has 2 dogs, I can tell whether she has on the air purifier or not. It makes a huge difference at her house with her big ol' doggies!

p.s. I have my eye on the Aireox Air Purifier with coconut filter...anyone know anything about this one? (It's $313 (yikes!) through We live close by so can save on shipping.)
We have an Austin Jr. HEPA filter. It really helped in NYC - now out here in CA we only use it once in a while since we live near a mountain where it's pretty quiet and clean.
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