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I won't be there tomorrow--I have no nurslings and the nearest nurse-in is two hours away. But I wanted to share some slogans based on airline advertising slogans that anyone can use.

A Symbol of Freedom (actual slogan)
Stop Hiding. Start Nursing. (Stop searching. Start traveling)
You are now free to nurse around the country. (You are now to free to roam about the country)

United Airlines
It's time to nurse. (It's time to fly)

American Airlines
Something special in the air. (actual slogan)
Doing what we do best (actual slogan)

We love to nurse, and it shows. (We love to fly and it shows)
Breastmilk is ready when you are (Delta is ready when you are)
Good goes around (actual slogan)
Breastmilk gets you there. (Delta gets you there)

Air France
Making the sky the best place on earth (actual slogan)

Simply the best.

And finally...
Breastfeeding: Just plane smart

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Breastfeeding: Just plane smart
I think this the best. simple and witty, and doesn't really endorse or poke fun at any one airline.

Actually, we recommended that people do not use any slogans, just use the new Breastfeeding Symbol.

BTW, We will be sending the Press Kits and Press Release, to ALL the airlines tonight, to broaden the focus of this rally to include all airlines. Its one of the goals of the new Press Release.


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Oh goodness, I love "just plane smart!" .... but at first I thought this thread said 'logan' (slogan I missed the s)(as in Logan Airport, Boston) and I was hoping more people were coming- lol.

I have some labels I can print off and use if we make it!

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