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Airline travel with little white pills

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Dh is going on a 3 week business trip end of the month. I want to send a homeopathic travel kit with him. Trouble is he is going to Malaysia. He is worried about showing up in a very non-drug tolerant country with a whole box full of vials of tiny white pills.
We are wondering if homeopathy is known well in Malaysia/that area or if this would be a problem at all.
Would it be best to get a prescription for a travel kit from a naturopath first?
Any other tips or advice?
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I am bumping this cuz i really need to know if it is okay for dh to take the homeopathic tablets with him. I am assuming it would be okay, but if not that would be valuable info. Or would anyone know if there is a searchable, "what is okay" kind of list for int'l air travel??
Well I've never been to Malaysia, but I did travel to South Africa with my homeopathics, I only had two vials, and kept them on me at all times. They do say not to let them go through the x-ray machines etc..... so I would put them in the little tray they give you for your keys etc...

I was only asked once what they were and I said medication, and that was it..........

Your hubby might have to dump them if worst comes to worst....

Sorry I can't be of more help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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