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Originally Posted by SirPentor View Post
Why shouldn't faith be in the work place? It can certainly lead to arguments (and has for me on more than one occasion). But what about religions that encourage things like scarves or whatever? Can't hide those as well...
But she took a job with a strict dress code. If she wants to work somewhere else that is a bit looser, then she has the right to wear what she pleases at that location.

I spend around 6 months doing City Year and they have a stiff dress code. I knew that when I got there. I didn't like it, but that was where I worked, so I did what I had to do.

As a Buddhist, I liked to wear two malas on one wrist and they frowned on that, so my answer was to get a mala tattooed on and then it wouldn't could as two separate bracelets (as was their policy)....
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