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I can see this thread is going to be a doozy.

Okay. She works for an airline. They have a dress code which dictates what is appropriate for the job. I know for a fact that US Airways has directives on hair length for men, beards and moustaches for men, skirt lengths for women and what your uniform should consist of. They are very strict.

Personally I feel that if you don't like the rules, don't take the job.

I have people of the Sikh community at the airport working dressed as dictated by the laws of their faith. I have seen Jews at the airport dressed as dictated by the laws of their faith. Covering is not a choice for many of the world's faiths. It is about modesty.

Nowhere in Christianity does it say yo must wear a cross or an emblem. It is a choice.

I feel that the loss of the appeal is appropriate. British Airways has rules and they are following them.
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