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Airplane travel with babe--aisle or window seat?

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Here's another question for travelling by air with a babe: I'm preparing to take a relatively short trip with my 5 m.o. (less than 2 hrs), and I hope to nurse during takeoff and landing. He can be a rather loud nurser before he gets settled, and he's a pretty active baby in general. So I'm debating which would be better: an aisle or window seat? Ideally we'll get a bulkhead seat with an open seat next to us, but in the event that the flight is full (now that airlines are reducing the number of flights to cut their losses), which would be better? I would think that the aisle would be easier to move around, if I have to walk with the baby anywhere. But the window seat seems more private for nursing and has a bit more room, and of course a view for the baby.

What do you advise?

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window! I have done both and find the privacy and room better in the window seat. There is a couple inches btw the window and the seat and its great for the baby;s head. I took my Boppy, too, and was glad I did.
Definatly window!! Much more private....espically for nursing...good luck!
As a fellow passenger, I suggest the aisle.

When I've been next to a mother and child in one seat, if they were in the window, I ended up getting kicked everytime. There just isn't enough room for the mom and baby in the space and I get fumbled around with, without fail.

With the aisle seat, if the Mom is concientious and the baby cooperates a little, I don't get whacked by little feet.

Not that getting whacked by little feet is the end of the world, just that it's not my favorite and I LIKE children.

Here's hoping you get lots of space!
aisle. that way if you need to get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, etc, you'll be able to without inconveniencing the passenger next to you. personally, i recommend buying a seat for the baby if the flight is at all long.
I'd recommend aisle for a 5 mo. old (and window for a newborn). Every flight I've taken with DD I've had to get up several times. Think about how long you baby is. Will you be able to nurse without DC's feet cramming the person next to you? I've found that it's much easier to have DD's legs hanging out into the aisle than onto the passenger next to me. As for privacy people notice less than you think even in tight quarters like that. On one flight I nursed dd several times while the guy next to me talked to me non-stop. At the end of the flight he says that dd was so good and I never even fed her. He was clueless. You're flight is short. It shouldn't be bad.
Between aisle and window, I think it's six of one, half a dozen of the other. I've done both and they both have pros and cons. I found it just as easy to change dd right in the seat. Definitely take a Boppy or My Brest Friend pillow. The only seat I wouldn't recommend is the middle. We ended up in a row of four in the middle of the plane on the way back from Amsterdam in July and it was a very long 10 and half hours!
Most airlines require you to put the baby in the window seat. A car seat will block any exit from the row once installed. When we flew to AZ I requested bulkhead seating but we weren't able to get it on either flight.
It depends on what airline you use, IMO. We are poor and cheap anyway and travel only on airlines with smaller planes like Southwest and ATA - never on AA, United, etc.

If you're traveling like we do, I'd suggest an aisle seat. Both ways, last time I traveled, we had a window seat and it was awful. It was hard to get in the seat in the first place, holding a 2.5 mo. old baby (we couldn't afford to buy him his own seat). Then on the way home we had a very large man next to us and it was nearly impossible to nurse the baby. I just didn't have enough elbow room, his poor head was up against the window and he was STILL kicking the poor guy next to us. And if he was facing the other way, he would push off the window and my elbow would slam into said man. I felt so bad. There just wasn't enough room to nurse. An aisle seat would have been much better.

That said, if you're on a less crowded flight or a bigger plane, I'd definitely take a window seat, just because I like them. If you're a pro at nursing in public discreetly, the privacy isn't much of an issue.
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Thanks for the advice, mamas! I did not realize that carseats must go in a window seat. since the trip is short and on a weekday, I took my chances & just bought a ticket for me. I was planning to bring my carseat and Kolcraft carrier to the gate. If there's room, I'll bring the carseat and check in the stroller/carrier. Hmm, I'm thinking I'll probably request the aisle on one of the sides (not center of the plane) and hope the window seat next to mine is free or that I can convince my neighbor to take another open seat. Wish us luck!

Btw, I'm amazed by the moms who can manage to carry a boppy along with all the other stuff. On the road I sometimes use one of those inflatable neck pillows, so I'll just use that. Not as comfy but much more portable!
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I second bulkhead if you can get it. If not, I'd choose a window seat...I use to take a blanket and somewhat tie it up so it left a "curtain" between me and the person next to me when I nursed. I tmade me feel more comfortable with a little bit of privacy as I am not the world's most discreet nurser.
Nan, I just put the Boppy through the handles of my diaper bag along with a little blanket for him. We had 2 legs of the flight, one was 2 hours and one was 5 so I was VERY glad to have the Boppy so I could just chill out and not have to hold him while he snoozed the whole time on my lap. It was hard once when there was a baby in a car seat the whole trip who cried the entire time. I had so much milk by the end of the flight that I could have squirted it up and over the seats to reach the baby!
I always get the aisle so I can get up as much as I want.
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