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AK moms- Thanks! We decide where we're moving! Kenai!

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I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to all the AK mamas who replied to my MANY posts in the past month or so.

We've finally figured out where we're moving. Dh has been offered a position in Kenai and we are headed there in July!

I'm very excited! After tons of reserach, I've discovered that they have:

A very active homeschooling group
Safeway and Fred Meyer have organic sections (I'm working on Full Circle..)
A great Mom's group
A natural doctor who comes in from Homer 2 days a week (insurance covers)
HIGHLY recommended homebirthing midwives
A LLL group
Grass-fed beef sold in Homer (2 hours away)
Free range chickens, turkeys etc sold 30 min North (near nikiski I believe)
Raw Goat Milk sold near Seward (I think)
Azure Standard Co-op!

I think it will fit our needs well. I hope we love it and never move again! I'm so tired of moving

Anyway- THANKS!!!!
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sounds great! I just loved the penninsula when we vacationed there a few years back.

Have a great move!
Congrats on the new decision! Enjoy Kenai, I've heard its lovely. Here's to a smooth packing and transition
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Welcome to the area! This is my first post and I was so excited to see that all these things are available in the area. I had no idea about a lot of that! My family just moved to North Kenai in November from Seward, and I really like the area.

Im in Nikiski - what is the name of the natural doctor thatcomes in from Homer? Whose office does he work out of?
The organic sections are limited. Fred Meyers has more options than Carrs does.

Womens Way Midwifery is who I went to for my waterbirth and they were amazing. Kelly DeSieyes is wonderful with her assistant Andrea.

By chance can you post Names & Contact info for the moms group in kenai? The places u get your beef,milk,etc.Thanks!
Hey! I'm sorry, I'm not getting online much here at my parents house. We're here until the move. The internet is REALLY slow.

Here is the natural doctor
Dr. Huffman 907-260-7725

I found the beef, chicken, eggs etc by searching on

I found the mom's group, the LLL and the homeschooling group all by going to yahoo groups and searching for Kenai

Hope that helps for now. The internet is so slow here that I can't get all the info that I'd like to.

Please, anyone...feel free to pm me for any other specific info about how to hook up with the co-op or anything else!

Hope to meet some of you IRL soon!
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