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ALACE written exam: birth words that Microsoft Word 2003 doesn't like

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pitocin, oxytocin, prodromal, gravida, occiput, prenatally (this may not be an actual word, but I think it is), fundus, ectopic, cephalopelvic, pelvimetry, meconium, dystocia, perineal, perineum, apgar, VBAC, and eclampsia.

And I'm not even finished yet!

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That's an odd list of words for it to not recognize. Those are some pretty important words!
Word 2000 doesn't know eipsitomy, but it knows episitomies.

HUH? I had similar experiences doing my homework for midwifery school. It got to where I HATED auto-check. EVERYTHING was underlined in red squiggles!

Yeah I'm about to turn off auto-check. Except that it does keep me amused.
ha ha ha ha ha!

I did all my mod work in Word and had the same issues. You simply tell it to "learn" those words. Not sure what system we have though, dh does that part of of lives.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts