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Albert Einstein....

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I heard/read somewhere that Albert Einstein was bf for 5 years. I can't find a reference to this anywhere and I really want to find out, because I want my slogan to be "if it was good enough for mrs einstein..."
Anyone else heard this?
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There's a lot of speculation in general on Einstein's childhood. I've also heard he didn't talk until he was three, but family letters state otherwise (that he was talking at an average age) so I don't know what to think about the EBF thing. If it's true, great! But sadly it could just be speculation.
Ah well. I tried google but unfortunately there is an Albert Einstein school of medicine which publishes about 88743567 articles on breastfeeding every week so it's gives me all those when searching for stuff like einstein & breastfeeding.
i want to laugh at my friend's dh who thinks 'baby einstein' will make his kid as clever as einstein
I did explain that Mrs Einstein didn't actually have a dvd player so that's not how albert got so brainy, but want to annoy him because he is so anti-extended-bf'ing *evil laugh*
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I found some stuff about him by using the "advanced search" feature and excluding any listings with the word "medical" in them.

Still nothing about how long he was BF- lots of stuff about where and when he was born, the fact that he didn't talk much until he was three, that he was very intelligent and didn't fit in at school... plenty of info about him but nothing about how long he nursed.
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