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Alcohol based tinctures for toddler?

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Hello. I have recently started making most of my own tinctures. I would like to do the same for my toddler and my 9 year old. I know that you can use Vodka, which is what I use to make my own, Apple Cidar Vineager and Glycerin. In the books that I have they say that Vodka is best, and pulls more of the medicine out of the herb, Apple Cidar is 2nd best and Glygerin is a distand 3rd. So, here is my question. I am making an Echinacea tincture with 100 proof vodka. Can I give that to my toddler? Will that alcohol hurt him? I have another book, specifically for children (and infants) that tells how to make tinctures for them, and I am going to do that, but what about in the meantime? So, I thought I would bring my questions to you all wise ones!
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I, personally, would give the alcohol tincture to my children (none yet..)

It is such a small dose I can't see how it would do any harm. For years, people used alcohol-based home remedies, like elderberry wine, for children. And that was a lot more alcohol.
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