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Aleksei in his Earth Seedlings Diaper

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We got this the other day and it fits Alek like a dream with plenty of room to grow. It is a size large and he weighs 35 pounds. The diaper is made from a peek-a-boo bunny print, too cute.

Alek in Earth Seedlings Another Alek Fell asleep on mama!
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Thanks, I think so but then he is mine. :LOL The diapers really are nice and generous yet trim. I really prefer that in a diaper.
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Cute Alek!!! Oh! He really is adorable!!! I love the falling asleep picture! He reminds me of Jude a couple years ago.
Oh! Too cute!

Great diaper... ok and I'm TOTALLY eyeing her preemie footed UTN $14 green baby outfit.
Mmmm, that is SO cute. Mmmm.

The Pashimi is beautiful. Not quite as coveted right now as that preemie footed outfit... but close!
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