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At alex+von we're creating a fabulous new way for you to shop. We have a passion for well-crafted products and socially responsible companies. When you buy from an alex+von Consultant, or from our website, you support a woman in your community and help small businesses in the U.S. succeed. alex+von is taking a fresh approaching to working from home, giving women the opportunity to earn income selling products from amazing boutique brands. We give women the choice and freedom to represent one or more brands, and to sell in-person or online. Women are innate entrepreneurs. We want them to utilize their full range of business savvy and creativity to be successful.


- No other company enables you to be the boss of your own unique boutique business. Represent one or more brands that you can be passionate about
- You have the freedom to sell in-person, through your blog and online
- Earn up to 40% commission on personal sales, plus team commission if you build a successful team
- With every sale you make, you help a small business in the U.S. succeed
- We are taking a truly innovative approach to social selling. Help us create a completely new opportunity for women around the world


Our compensation plan rewards you for providing exceptional service to your customers and team members. We value Consultants who create great customer relationships and leaders who are committed to making their women entrepreneurs successful. We believe this creates a more sustainable business for everyone.

There are 5 possible ways to earn income. Our compensation plan is based on retail sales.

Personal Sales
1. Up to 40% commission on sales made for the brand(s) you represent
2. Up to 15% residual commission on every other brand your customers buy from alex+von

If you choose to develop and build a team:

1. One-time referral bonus for each new person that becomes an active Consultant
2. Up to 10% commission on the retail sales of your first line plus additional downline commission
3. Up to 10% additional commission on your first line for senior leaders who receive exceptional leadership ratings from their team

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