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I'm forwording this message on because its super important. A lot of people have been scammed by her and investigators are currently rounding up as much info as possible. If you would like more info just email Melissa. Melissa has asked this be posted to reach as many people as possible. This is in no way slander or an attempt to be out to get her. I have been a victim of hers and its important to find others who have also been scammed.

I am hoping that people can put one message out to the groups they belong to just stating that anyone who has had dealing with "Alex Land" to please email Melissa Coffey at [email protected] Also if you have ever purchases a Medela Breast Pump and did not recieve it, regardless of who the seller was, to also email me. I don't want anyone left out of the case being assembled.

This is very much diaper related because she sells diapers, diaper material and fake aplix.
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