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alfalfa for energy?

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Anyone tried this? I googled "alfalfa pregnancy" and it says the plant is OK, but not to take the roots or the sprouts. I get to the healthfood store and they have afalfa tablets made from the leaves.

I'm not a botanist.
: Would they be OK?
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my midwives reccomend taking alfalfa tablets during the last month as a hemorrhage preventative.
I read in a book called Natural Pregnancy (with a foreward by Ina May) that alfalfa is FANTASTIC for pregnancy. The book suggests an drinking an herbal tea with alfalfa in it several times a day because of all the super minerals and vitamins. Plus, alfalfa tablets are great for keeping you regular because of the fiber and the chlorophyl (which has natural anti-odor properties that can help counteract the hormone-induced strong smell of perspiration during pregnancy.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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