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Anyone use Best Process's Alka Green? My chiro gave it to me. My concern is I have dental crowns that no doubt have amalgams beneath them, and wonder if the ingredients are a-ok in light of this (below.) I don't see cilantro, chlorella, or ALA but still wondering. Thoughts?<br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Seven Tablets or 1 Tsp. of Powder:<br><br>
Vitamin A1750 iu<br>
Vitamin K280 mcg<br>
Vitamin C11 mg<br>
Vitamin E1.1 mcg<br>
Thiamin10 mcg<br>
Choline1 mg<br>
Riboflavin71 mcg<br>
Pyridoxine45 mcg<br>
Vitamin B-121 mcg<br>
Niacin263 mcg<br>
Pantothenic84 mcg<br>
Biotin4 mcg<br>
Folic Acid38 mcg<br>
Calcium18 mg<br>
Phosphorus18 mg<br>
Potassium112 mg<br>
Magnesium3.6 mg<br>
Iron2 mg<br>
Manganese.35 mg<br>
Selenium3.5 mcg<br>
Sodium1 mg<br>
Zinc17.5 mcg<br>
Iodine7 mcg<br>
Copper.02 mg<br>
Cobalt1.75 mcg<br>
Protein 800 mg<br>
Crude Fiber600 mg<br>
Chlorophyll19 mg<br>
Carbohydrates1.3 gm<br><br>
Amino Acids:<br>
Lysine29 mg<br>
Histidine16 mg<br>
Arginine39 mg<br>
Asparatic Acid78 mg<br>
Threonine37 mg<br>
Glutamic Acid85 mg<br>
Proline33 mg<br>
Glycine41 mg<br>
Alanine48 mg<br>
Valine44 mg<br>
Isoleucine31 mg<br>
Leucine57 mg<br>
Tyrosine18 mg<br>
Phenylanlanine38 mg<br>
Methionine15 mg<br>
Cysine8 mg<br>
Trytophan4 mg<br>
Amide10 mdg<br>
Purines2 mg<br>
Serine85 mg
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