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My almost-1-year old is allergic to a growing number of foods (mainly dairy, eggs, wheat,, but probably also sesame, celery, blueberries, chocolate), is breastfed, and (according to our doctors) "malnourished". He was until recently on the 5th percentile for weight and the 90th for length. Now he's just under the 10th for weight. Some progress, but he's still tall and skinny!

I need help with 2 things!
(1) recommendations for high-calorie safe foods for him (and me!)
(2) the pediatrician and allergist are testing him for cystic fibrosis and eosinophilic gastroenteritis, due to poor weight gain (and a a few other common factors). Am trying to remain calm but am totally freaking out

Has anyone been through this? The thought of an endoscopy, in particular (the screening test for the gastro disease), really upsets me. Can this be safe?

Also (I guess it was 3 things) the junior epipen we have for him won't do because he's too light. We need a syringe made up for his weight, to give to daycare. He starts next week. I am SO worried about giving him over to someone else to look after, even if it is only very part-time at the moment. Has anyone tried giving a syringe to their daycare before?

Aagh. He has to put on weight soon!

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pine nuts (or other fatty nuts) though with nuts, they're highly allergenic, so you might want to get him tested for nuts first
coconut milk/oil

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Other folks know the epi-pen issue better, but IIRC several have been specifically told that giving an epi-pen jr to a child under the weight limit is perfectly fine and appropriate. But if your allergist prefers a syringe, of course that matters more.

Are all those foods IgE, or is it a mix of ana allergies and intolerances?
Sounds scary, ellasmama2007 has investigated eosinophilic something, her old posts may be helpful. She only pops in occasionally these days.

You may want to read some of the detoxification threads, specifically about folate. There was a study that said low blood folate levels in general correspond to more IgE, and some people need 2x the folate of other people. And some of those people really should have food folate or specialty supplements, not just regular folic acid, Metagenics has some, Folapro is a stand-alone folate supp. B vitamins pass through breastmilk, it may be a good idea to look at your diet WRT folate. Lentils are a good source, leafy green stuff is too (think green juices) and chicken liver.

Check out this thread....

And whoMe's short, simple explanation (maybe this one first):

As for high-fat sources: meat. I'd do lots of fatty meat, and cook veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, the starchy stuff) in animal fat.

And feel free to bump your thread if it slips by with very little notice, sometimes that happens.
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