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I love the stuff I already got from you, so I'm back for more! What's the best deal you could give me on all of the following? Do you think it would all fit into a flat rate box?

Size 5
Japanese "Cute Girl" Sweatshirt Size 120 $4

Size 3T
Japanese "Peace" Tie Shirt Size 100 $3
Japanese "Girl Style" Shirt Size 100 $3
Carter's Hawaiian Print Shorts $3
Gumballs Purple Striped Shirt $2
Gumballs Red Heart Shirt $2
Children's Place Orange Shirt $3
Gumballs Pink Layer Tank (pilly) $1
Gumballs Pink Skirt (pilly) $2
Gumballs Princess Pants $2

XL Old Navy Light Pink Plain V neck Short Sleeve Shirt. 100% Cotton.
XL Old Navy Light Purple Short Sleeve Shirt. 100% Cotton. Old Navy logo on front.

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I'm interested in these:


Originally Posted by vannienicole View Post
Pictures Maternity
L Motherhood Flowery Dress $4
L Announcements Maternity Teal Spring Shirt $3
L Oh!mamma White Buttonup Shirt $2
L Motherhood White Shirt $2 (There's a small stain that should bleach out at the bottom of the front of the shirt)
could you let me know how much the total w/shipping would be to 34286?

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L Motherhood Pastel Green Dress $4---Can you tell me the total length of this? I'm 5'9 and want to make sure it's not going to be too short.

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