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All fleece trim pockets--is there such a thing?

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Anyone know of any? I'd like to get some for nighttime. TIA!
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I have some "oldstyle" FB's, and they are most definetly not the trimmest diapers I've ever used, but then again I'm using a size small on my 9 lb 1 month old right now, stuffed w/an infant prefold. It looks pretty silly, but it works. I have 6 of them, if you'd like one, PM me................... can try for her Cloth-Ease WP pockets---very, very nice
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My dd wears a medium Fuzzi Bunz. She's about 22 pounds so I'm afraid the ones bdavis337 offered would be too small.

Anyone else?

Off to check out GAD now
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Originally Posted by mamabugx3 can try for her Cloth-Ease WP pockets---very, very nice

: I love
my green acres!!!
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My toddler can still wear the size Large (and he's 40 pds and wearing a 3-4T) and it's nice and trim! The diapers are extremely well made, I've got one fleece pocket we've been using in heavy rotation for over 2 years now, and it still works great!!!

I made Z one with Windpro and microfleece from the Darling pattern, but I don't know of any others, so I guess I'm not much help.
: It's a really cool idea, no pun intended!
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Hey Amy!! Oh I also made ds some WP/microchamios pockets from the HB pattern. Very nice, and ver', ver' trim
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I haven't used the fleece Snap-ez pockets but her cotton ones are very trim.
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