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All right,<br><br>
Very blessed!!, moved to my 350sq ft, and I kept my job! Phew!<br>
I ran out of time so I had to take a storage, but I think that will be be only for a couple of months while I finish decluttering<br><br>
I don't have that much clothing, really I don't, but the closet is less than 3 feet wide.<br>
My main issues is that I want most things hanging and not in drawers, it makes things so much easier to keep organized!<br><br>
Any creating way to hang clothes for me and ds?<br>
If I get a clothing rack, any neat way to "hide" it?<br><br>
Oh, also, any neat way to hide or disguise my vacuum cleaner? I heard some people dress them up as a doll? I'm not very crafty,,, I need to hide also the broom and the mop...<br><br>
Other than that, while I'm still exhausted, I love it!<br>
Unpacking declutering and decorating will be my thing for a few weeks <img alt="smile.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src=""><br><br>
Oh, also, my son is 4, although developmentally closer to 3. Untill what age do you think I can have him in the studio before he needs more space.<br><br>
I do have a friend who lived in the same room with her son until he was 8 and he is just fine, but I can imagine this is not optimal. I really have no idea. I would guess it depends also in the kids temperament...?<br><br>
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