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All of a sudden nervous about birth!

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This is my third baby. I had low tech, non-intervention, med free hospital births with my last two that were fairly intense, but also easy (7.5 hours with my first that included 20 minutes of pushing and only 4.5 hours with my second that included about 6 minutes of pushing).

I was just reading some birth stories and my mind suddenly went into, "Oh my God, I don't want to do that again!"

With two kids and a 50+ hour a week job, I haven't had the time to really read the books (I did re-read a couple, but I think I some new ones), think about the birth, visualize, etc. I made a conscious decision to spend time with my pregnancy each and every day this time around, which I have done.

Anyone else with good labor experiences suddenly freak out like this? What did you do? Any good book/tape recommendations to help me with some calming visualizations?
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I'm having those moments. My first born, ds birth, was, shall we say, less than ideal. My dd's waterbirth was amazing. I'm having moments of fear when I think dd's birth was a fluke, and I'm in for it, this time!
Each and every time. I've had some really good births and some that were harder to deal with. I'm trying not to think too much about it-I am 30 weeks today with baby #7.
Yep, I have freak-out moments too. I did get some new books, Jennifer, which has been sort of empowering. MOst of the info is the same, but it's different words and a less mainstream than the What To Expect junk.

Anyway, I have found it helpful to focus on the baby rather than the birth. I mean, it's important and I do think about it and prepare. But raising a child after all is what consumes the most time. The birth can be accomplished, we know that, we experiemenced moms know how to do it. Stay in touch with your body, visualize a healthy birth and healthy baby and all the wonderful years you'll have with him or her!

Good luck!
Hi Jenn,
I felt the same way as I was getting ready to have my baby. I had attended child births but this was my first baby and I just had never done this before! I am sure, since you have had children, knowing what it would feel like can also increase the fear element. Although, I will say, there was a freekish streak of spring time 95degree weather my last week of pregnancy that made me ready to welcome labor no matter what the cost!!
The thing I kept saying to myself was, "my body was created to do this". You will do a wonderful job! Also allow yourself the space to have a flexible vision about your birth. Formulate how you would like things to go and allow yourself to make a plan for if things go differently. If you confront your fears head on they can seem a little less scary.

Talk it out with your birth partner and share your fears so they can encourage you and help you durring labor and right now. You need all the encouragement you can get!

Have an amazing expirence welcoming your precious one into the world.

Best wishes
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