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All of a sudden...

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My, I mean O's diapers are getting stained! Now she is 21 mos so I don't know what has changed in her poo, but I am seeing stains EVERYWHERE! How do I get these out. I've tried a bit of sun, but I don't know if it is working on my line. I have one of those old fashioned ones that look like an antenna. Is there something she couldbe eating. I do two LONG HOT wahes and usually several rinses and now I'm washing small loads every day. Also, I always wash out all of the poo in the toilet or sink; I hate the idea of poo in my machine. PLEASE HELP!
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We go through phases too. I can never figure it out so I'm interested what others say...
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For the sun to work best the dipe needs to be in full sun and left there for a few hours at least. I'd hang what fits on the front row and back row (nothing in the middle) so they're in full sun and leave 'em there for the sunniest part of the day. I usually just have one or two with bad stains that I set in the laundry room window sill with the window open (west side of the house).
Children's body chemistry does change over time - this is natural - their internal organs are maturing. The one thing that I always recommend when folks ask me how to combat stains on natural fibers is to make sure that you're doing a COLD pre-wash/rinse before the main hot wash. In my experience hot washes can serve to set a stain really well if the soiling is not dealt with in a cold pre-wash/rinse with very little (1tsp) detergent if any.

You might also try a spray wand to get most of the solids off before you wash.

Lemon juice applied directly to the stains while sunning works well on tough stains.
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We're going through this now and I hate it. I have been meaning to spritz lemon juice on them. Also, I have noticed that when I throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes before line drying the very outer, stained fabric is pretty dry. I recall someone saying that wet fabric sun out best.
Hi ya mama!

I was just searching the threads on this, 'cause it started w/ DS, aslo 21 mo, 3 or 4 months ago. EVERY poo stains and big time, especially on our OV.

Somone suggested using lemon juice in your rinse cycle before putting them out in the sun - rather than spraying them as you set them out. The rinse cycle will saturate the stain better. Too, someone said that lime juice worked better for them.

The other suggestion from a mama - for really tough stains, use a mixture of canning salt and lemon juice and apply liberally to the tough stain.

I also read that some of the stains just require several sun sessions - I guess you either gotta put this dipe outta rotation until the stain comes out or
: DC doesn't poo in it again between sessions

I am hoping for sun soon so I can try some of these, as I want this done before the babe gets here. I want DS to have nice, fresh, unstained dipes

Off to strip and sun (not me, the dipes :LOL )!!!!!

Good luck mama! Let us know what works for you!

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my best way to sun is damping the stain with lemon juice and then laying on a flat surface (my patio table) and setting it out there in the early morning and not bringing it in till that evening. It has seemed to work on almost any stain my DS, DD and DH can make. LOL
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