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I have some clothes for sale, many of them have never been worn.
Here is the link to the pictures. There are 3 pages:
Here are some short descriptions:

girls cotton dress 3-6mos. , white on top, yellow with small flowers on bottom (come with little 'shorts'-cant think of the word
) $4

*never worn*, denim top, size S, $4.50

*new*, decorative scarf, $4.50

GC, light turquoise sweater, sequins, $5

EC, size S stretchy daisy top, black with white daisies $4

VGC, size small, stretchy top, grey/black roses, button-down, $3

*Never Worn!!* XL, orange babydoll/thong, $13

EC, shimmery silver top, buttons, long-sleeves, $7

VGC, knit red sweater, size S, $3

*Brand New*, light green shimmery top, size S, $13

Worn Once, EC, Gap dress, off-white with blue/beige flowers, size 6, $12

*Never Worn*, Denim, stretchy short dress, size 5, $11

*Never Worn*, burgundy halter dress, size M,(about siZe 5/6), $12

*Never Worn*, shiny, light turquoise nightgown, tie in front, really cute and looks comfy but not my size; got as shower gifts $7

*Never Worn*, pink nightgown, same style as turquoise, $7

*New*, worn once at home, stretchy grey dress, $6.50

*New*, never worn, white top from India, some embroidery $5

EC, worn once, Silvery spaghetti strap gown, really dressy, stretchy. AMAZING dress!! $30

EC, worn only twice, Long, Cream-coloured Gown, Gold shimmery flower design, sheer overlay...gorgeous gown $60 -will dryclean b4 sending out if you like..i didnt do it b4 taking the pic in case it didnt sell..

Make me an offer

email me if u have questions [email protected] or PM me


p.s. I will ship from the U.S. *or* Canada depending on where u live (we live on the border btwn the two)

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edited to show sold and reduce prices..
make me an offer, i really want to give these to someone who will wear them

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yup its knee-length. on me it was *slightly* on the knee and i'm 5'3''.
prices dont include shipping-its usually abt 3-4$
if ur in the states i can send itfrom there when dh goes to work

pm or email me at [email protected]

edited to add yes i believe this runs a bit big
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