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-SKR Devon shoes. size 7. Seen here These shoes are $32 new and I'm asking $14ppd. There is some scuffing on one shoe at the toe and the white stripe in front is a litle dirty, these are well borken in so not in their original perfect circular shape around the ankle. I don't know how else to describe it, these are sheos and were used but have tons of life left, my son just grew a few shoe sizes. Soles still firmly attached and shoes still very functional and comfy. These shoes held up the best out of all of our soft type shoes last year, pedoodles fell apart. Supple, flexible leather and rubber soles. Awesome for walkers.

-Livie & Luca elephant shoes. Size 18(6.5-7 U.S.). Seen here . Adorable. $27 new and I'm asking $10ppd. These were our favs. Soft leather and rubber soles. These were well loved but still have lots of life. The elephants eyes on one shoe are a little smooshed/scuffed. Sole still firmly attached and still completely cute.

Pictures here:

Sorry about the picture quality, I took these at night in poor lighting. Can take better pics upon request.
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