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All that wasted food!!!

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My dd is really finicky about eating...she is happy to eat Grape Nuts mixed with yogurt 3 meals a day, but anything else is a real struggle.
Lately, she has been asking for specific foods : Grilled cheese, HUmmus and Pita, Scrambled eggs, and peas. But after I make it for her, she refuses to touch it.
: It ends up sitting on her table for a couple of hours till I eventually throw it away! (She will sometimes come over to the table and take a bit or two - that's why I leave some out.)

If I don't make the food for her - if I think she isn't really going to eat it - she throws an enormous tantrum. Then I feel bad, cause I think, "Maybe she IS hungry. Maybe she DOES want eggs. It would be GREAT to get some protein into her!" So I make it.

I think she enjoys watching me make the food, or she is just bored. And she is learning about autonomy, so maybe she likes making a decision and seeing it carried out.

But, GRRRRRR! We are wasting SO MUCH food! And she barely eats! Does anyone have advice/support/comments???
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Ds (23 mo) is going through an "I want it - No I don't!" phase, too. Not really with food, that he's just picky about in general. I wonder if your daughter is going through the same thing.
I say, make her what she asks for, leave it out for a while, then put it in the fridge if you can ( I do this with half eaten sandwhiches a lot), or eat it yourself. I have found when my kids are in that stage that they prefer to eat some of what I am having, so I eat healthy things and offer them some of mine, and if they ask for something specific, that I think they probably won't eat, I don't make myself anything, cause I know I may end up eating what they wouldn't. I do not like to waste food either, there are people starving out there.

PS- our dog eats well too
(anything too yucky old for me to want- ie) grilled cheese that's been out for an hour)
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My cousin used to ask for toast with jelly, then she'd lick the jelly and leave the toast. Is there any way you could prepare the food in smaller amounts? I would probably just put up with it, but if it REALLY bothers you, I also don't think it'll hurt to let her have a tantrum or two.
I have found when my kids are in that stage that they prefer to eat some of what I am having, so I eat healthy things and offer them some of mine
My daughter is the exact same way. She doesn't really eat much, (Except for her favorites like cheerios and cheese) unless I am sitting at the table eating with her, and eating the same thing she is eating. However, if we are eating with her and eating the same thing, she will eat just about anything, and quite a bit of it.

Maybe it would help, if you sat down and ate some of what you made with her.
a bit off topic but might help...

DD just got a learning tower as an early xmas present from my parents. she is 18 months and i have been letting her help "cook". Mostly its just watching me, but she did help assemble pizzas a couple days ago. this has gotten her to eat more. plus i have been leaving a snack for her up in the tower, so everytime she climbs up to she what's going on in the kitchen she eats a bit. she has been a lot more interested in eating this way. doesn't eat as much at meals times, because she's snacking so much, but her temperment and blood sugar seem more even.
My DD is about the same age as yours, and she also goes through moods of asking for things (not just food) and then not really wanting/using/eating what she asked for. I think it's just so exciting for toddlers to be able to communicate their wants/needs so explicitly and get what they ask for, so they just want to do it over and over again. I would follow the other suggestions given (make less food, put it away before it goes bad, etc.). Mentally, to get through it, just remind yourself that what she's doing is a sign that she's practicing to express herself . . .doesn't mean you have to follow through on each and every request, though, but it might help to get through times when this stresses you out.
Thanks everyone!!! We tried the whole, "This is MOMMY'S sandwich, would you like a bite...?" and it works very very well! She ate tons of mac and cheese tonight. Dh kept saying (jokingly)he was gonna eat all the nums...then she REALLY wanted them, and she also thought it was really funny that Daddy was gonna eat her food!
Now that I am newly
I am having trouble making her a scrambled egg when I know that
a) she might not even touch it
b) I will probably :puke when I smell it cooking

So I am trying to just give her lots of opportunities during the day to make choices...which diaper to change into, picking her clothing, and how to wear her hair, etc...

Seems to be helping!
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Get a dog :LOL Ours is getting fat b/c dd gives him a bite for every bite she takes, no food gets wasted in this house :LOL
I would get so frustrated with the wasted food. I used to eat it to save myself the work of making my own meal, but Dd's food just doesn't agree with me. She loves cheese and eggs and noodles way more than I do.

Things have gotten better especially at breakfast. I used to let her have heavy fatty foods at night thinking she'd wake less. It didn't work reliably, and she wasn't eating much at breakfast. I switched to oatmeal and sweet potatoes, lighter fare before bed, and breakfast picked up without any worsening of sleep. I like Dd to eat breakfast because when she doesn't, it seems like she wants to stay up an extra hour eating before bed.

My key to getting Dd to eat something? Put it on a plate and act like it's mine. (Sometimes she calls my bluff and tries to feed it to me). Or let her pretend to be a cat under the table. Today she wanted the horrid little plastic policeman from MIL to feed her. Now I decided I like the little plastic people! The more she eats during the day, sooner I get to bed.

My best advice is not to let your Dd see that you are bothered by any of this. I leave food out for awhile but put it away before it goes bad. Often Dh will eat it later.
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