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All the silly things we do

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I was inspired by all the gals on the 2ww thread who do something I do....go back and stare at my chart over and over every day, thinking it might give me more info....

So what do you do?

*stare at my chart like it is magically going to change and tell me something new.
*go in and 'mess' with my chart, putting in three high temps to see if I get and O date, change CM to see what happens...
*buy baby clothes (and cloth diapers!!) in hopes that this will give the universe a sign that I REALLY am ready.
*spend 20+ minutes staring at my breasts in the bathroom mirror...wondering if, perhaps, that vein is a little darker, or, could it be, my nipples look different.:LOL
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Thanks Adina, I needed a smile tonight.

I stare at my chart forever, hoping it will tell me something new.

I stare at my breasts, pinch them to see if they are tender.

wonder at every little twinge in my belly, am I bloated or am I pregnant?

go through the box of baby clothes saved from my girls wondering if I should unpack them and wash them just in case, or if I should buy some boy clothes, just in case.

started collecting infant cloth diapers, because I only have sizes for four months and up.

Compare my chart again and again to the pregnancy charts in the gallery.

I'm sure there are more things I do that are silly, but I can't think of any more right now.

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Add to my collection of baby clothes, carriers, booties, bibs.

Schlep my pee around half the state in a jar, so I can do my fertility monitor tests

Cheer on my DHs sperm, after BDing

Talk to my belly constantly

Burn through pregnancy tests at an alarming rate

Have altars all over the house.

Consider every twitch a sign,

Check to see how much I'm bleeding for the first 2 or 3 days of my period in case it's just implantation bleeding.

check my nipples for darkness,

Wonder about headaches, back pain, and that tingling in my left pinky toe.
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Aaahhh! You guys make me feel sane- or at least a little crazy but in good company!

I go back and forth between charting and not- convinced that if I am doing one or the other it will be "the trick"

I stare at and *feel* my breasts and nipples obsessively. I'm sure if they could talk they'd file a complaint against me.

Prolific peeing on a stick. Although, I've quit with the o tests and just do hpts now. So that means I can buy more pg tests, right?

Harass DH "Do you think this is the month?" "Do you think I'm pg?" "Do my breasts look larger?"

I wash and refold my baby clothes periodically, just so my baby will see that I will take care of her/him.

Aren't baby altars beautiful?

I heard/read this thing about the color of a woman's vulva changing in early pg....enough said :LOL

Oh yeah, and I am pretty sure that I see baby faces (in clouds, the spot I need to scrub on the tub, fog on windows, etc) and hope that they are a sign.....

ild butterflymaiden
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Originally posted by butterflymaiden

I stare at and *feel* my breasts and nipples obsessively. I'm sure if they could talk they'd file a complaint against me.

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butterfly-you are too funny!:LOL
Can I add more?

I trash dived my tests for months

I bought 6 glass eggs for my altar b.c. they were so beautiful and I couldn't pick which one I wanted in case the baby didn't like the color

Not only do i talk to my baby to be, I argue and plead -Why aren't you here? Don't you like me? Can't you get her any faster? I don't to rush you, but seriously wouldn't this be a great month? Don't you want to meet your grandparents?

also I'll read the boards twice a day if I'm not busy, and if there is nothing going on, I'll go lurk somewhere else

Do I win the prize?
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I am *not* trying to conceive, but as my cycles become less regular (even while on the pill) every month, I do all these things not in hope, but in fear.
So I will add:

Constant peeks to see if wetness is really blood.

The slightest stomach twinge, attributed by a sane person to hunger/fatigue/too much to eat, starts the litany, "oh my god, is this nausea?"

Lots of luck to everyone ttc here!
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i just bought 10 tests from emi bean.

the last time I bought 10 tests online, the next cycle i got preg (after 12 months of trying)....I used 5 that month alone (my chart is so cute, it says 'very faint pink lines' in ALL CAPS, then each day for the next 4 the writing gets bigger and more crazy...'still pink' 'DEEPER pink'...and all these exclamation points..I saved it for

and I gave the other 5 away a few months ago because I thought I was gunna be all cool this time and not worry and test, just I can NOT test a dozen times even if I suspect....

I figuered if I get preg again, I will know soon enough, so who needs a bunch of tests..................ME!
what about going out to buy pads in hopes that murphy's law will kick in.
Today I was driving and, what else, I was sqeezing my breast to see if it was tender. Little did I know that the man in the pick up next to me was

Aside from squeezing my breasts I have found myself:

"Holding" sperm in, hoping it will stay alive for 2+ days - this usually results in gastrointestinal difficulty :LOL

Talking to my belly button.

Holding my breath until I am red in the face when I am around any environmental toxins (passing smokers on the street, smelling exhaust from the car ahead of me).

Believing I have superhuman olfactory abilities.

Practicing birthing positions in preparation.

Trying not to have pregnancy on my mind 24-7!

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Hmmm...aside from the usual suspects: trashdiving, obsessive POAS, boobie-poking, etc...
I am a big consignment-store shopper. There are a few in my area that are really upscale and carry the CUTEST clothes. Well, I confess to buying a significant amount of baby clothing that Lucy has LONG outgrown size-wise. Just cause I couldn't pass it up.
: Here's hoping we have a girl next time, cause that's what I always buy. :LOL It's just so much sweeter...
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Originally posted by butterflymaiden
I heard/read this thing about the color of a woman's vulva changing in early pg....enough said :LOL
ummm.........what color?

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Now I can add another one:

Lately I get very cheerful when I'm nauseaus. Were that not enough yesterday DH got into the act, I made an "oh o" noise and he knew I was feeling sick so he says "Woo Hoo! Are you going to throw up?"

Let me tell you "throw up" is not the right thing to say to someone in that state. I told him that if I throw up before I get a BFP I won't need the test (I haven't thrown up since Elementary school) now this morning he was rooting for me to throw up!

I also want more info about the Vulva thing.
I think the cervix turns a bluish color, if I remember right. It has been years since I have heard this, but one time when I was late my dr checked my cervix color to see "if"...but I wasn't pregnant, just screwy cycle.
About the vulva color....And actually I should have said vaginal color. I read that the vaginal and cervical tissue takes on a bluish tinge during the first trimester.

It's quite difficult to gage the color of one's vagina, BTW.

Other *possible symptoms* I read about that drive me batty:

blue and pink lines under the skin on boobs and belly (especially during the winter when I am paler, I totally forget which veins have always been visible. Once I read a post about marking the veins that are visible at the beginning of a cycle with a Sharpie....)
darkening of the line from pubis to belly button (Is it darker, is it?)
softening of cervix (how soft do they mean?)
painless contractions (since I've never had a child, I have no idea what contractions really feel like, lemme tellya I *examine* every abdominal twinge to determine its cause. Possibly causing the blue lines on my belly:LOL )

The practicing birthing positions had me :roflmao
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I haven't even started ttc yet (will start hopefully this weekend), but I still can relate to just about everything posted (minus any of the checking for pregnancy signs and double checking pregnancy tests...yet).

Here are some to add:

*I got a cordless keyboard and mouse and now sit on my bed about 4-5 feet away from my computer, squinting to see the screen...all because someone on these boards told me the EMF around the typical computer reaches zero at 3 feet.

*I have a "pregnancy prayer candle" and SO and I evaluate the flame everytime it is lit. If the flame looks bright, big, and like it is dancing, we get all happy and say the baby is coming to say hello. If it is a dim flame, we get worried. We are not *totally* crazy and realize it is very likely nonsense, but we do it anyway. I know...we are already earning the nutty ttcers award before we even start trying.

*SO looks for signs in everything. The other day we were checking my cervix and SO needed help "decoding" its position, so I asked for a mirror so I could look too. There were two little makeup mirrors in my purse, and I asked for one in particular. SO just shared with me today that when she went to go get the mirror she said, "if I reach my hand in the purse and pull out the right mirror, this will be *the month.*" LOL

I think we're taking the cake here :LOL. Please someone top me so I can stop feeling like the world's biggest nut!

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I am right now wearing a disposable panty liner so that in case AF comes I won't stain my clothes (WOH) but I'm convinced that this will actually keep AF away, because since my teens I've noticed that if I use a disposable product when I'm not sure I'll need it, usually I wind up throwing it away "not used enough" and feeling wasteful.

Last night when I was
over a tiny amount of brownish spotting (see 2ww thread), I glimpsed myself in the mirror and thought, "Look how sad I am! That probably means this isn't really that bad!" Such logic.
: But, sure enough, now it has stopped, so maybe I did get all upset for nothing.
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with all the BFPs lately, i've actually sat here trying to imitate the banana dancer.....

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Jessica, My dd and I imitate that thing all the time. It's her favorite smilie. She calls it the "Yea! Yea! guy". :LOL
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