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All this wool - what to do?

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My grandma gave me 2 big garbage pails of old wool clothes (some whole, some scraps). Any suggestions what I could do w/them? Diapers? Quilts?

Any ideas are appreciated.

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pants pant pants!!!!!

I am in love with wool pants, and i think this is the newest craze in the diaper arena.

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Pants? Ok, how do I make them? I can't knit and besides curtains, pillows and tablecloths, I haven't really sewn. Tips, patterns?

No, I can't sew either.
But there are patterns on the net. Also, do a search on here for wool pants. There was a thread last week about making your own.

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I did a search, I think I may be confused. I know all this material is wool, but it's not knitted....maybe it's a wool blend? There are coats, pants, dress coats, skirts, etc. So, knowing that, what can I do w/it?

Thanks again!
Go to your fabric store, and get yourself an easy pattern for pants. Heck, you could just grab an enire layette pattern if you like. I know that Simplicity sells a couple. Natually, I can't find a pattern number for them right now, though.
Once you sort of understand how pants go together, they are the easiest thing in the world, and you can really play around with them.
There's also a free, easy pants "pattern" here.

How soft is the material? A wool quilt sounds wonderful and fun. You could make pull-on soakers or wool wraps. There are free patterns for these linked off of

With everything I've read about the properties of wool, I've been thinking of making bibs and/or burp clothes with it - one side absorbant (cotton flannel or knit or something) and the side facing the baby out of wool, or wool sandwiched between layers of cotton. But i haven't tried those yet. I've heard some people use wool to make breast pads, if you have any need for those.

Have fun, and let us know what you decide!
Other than recycling it by sewing them into clothing or quilts (great ideas!), you could also think about making them into mattress pads or smaller water-resistant changing pads or the like. It's nice to have something breathable on a bed...
Thanks for all the great ideas! Now can anyone give me the secret to getting some of it done? lol!

When I get something done, I'll let you know how it turned out. Right now I'm leaning towards a small quilt for ds, bibs and maybe some lap/bed pads......ohhhh, the possibilities!
Just recently someone gave me the idea to use my left over wool to put on the bottom of the doubler. It keeps the diaper drier a bit longer. Umm, oh you can make breast pads and donate them if you don't need them.
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