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Today my dd had one small cavity filled and her 4 molars sealed. Immediately afterward she had an itchy throat and cough, which she gets from certain foods (mostly fruit). I gave her Benadryl right away (we carry it along with epipen for peanut allergy).<br><br>
She also complained of an upset stomach, and also developed a fever of 101. Four hours later she needed another dose of Benadryl for the itchy throat.<br><br>
I called the dentist and he has never had a reaction in a patient to either a filling or sealant - allergic nor fever. They do use latex gloves though. She hasn't been tested for latex allergy but she has food allergies and environmental allergies.<br><br>
What could be going on with her? I'm leaning towards an unknown latex allergy, but why fever?<br><br>
Thanks for any thoughts or experiences you have with this!
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