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Allergic to alpaca yarn???

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Is anyone allergic to alpaca ? I am starting to wonder if I am. I have noticed that whenever I work with it I get headaches and my eyes bother me. This is really strange, as I have no other allergies that I know of. Originally I thought I may just have been using dusty yarn, but it is happening consistently every time I use alpaca. I just started an alpaca sweater too! Time to rethink this pattern.
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Yes, I am. I get headaches and a runny nose every time.
Not alpaca but mohair REALLY bothers me.
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I know someone who has the same reaction to alpaca yarn; she found out the hard way, having spent over $100 on some wonderful alpaca for a sweater for herself.
She had an itchy runny nose, and itchy hands.
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My knitting teacher is. We were looking at Alpaca yarn last week and she complained it was bothering her eyes. I wonder if it is the way it is processed?
For me it seems like it sheds so much that I am breathing it in & it is getting in my eyes. The headaches are horrible. And it's too bad bc I love alpaca and actually was hoping to learn more about Alpacas & spinning their fibers.
Wow, I have never hear of alpaca allergies. We have alpacas and I am sure glad we don't have allergies as we love them so much!
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