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My mother has a severe banana allergy- she can't eat or come in contact w/ bananas at all w/o the chance of some sort of reaction. Most of her reactions are just itchy ears and swelling but on some occasions they have been bad enough to require an epi-pen because of breathing issues. Her dr has advised her to stear clear of all bananas because he fears the reactions may esculate.

The issue is that she works in a daycare/preschool setting that occasionally serves bananas. She has asked that bananas not be served in her room because of the potential allergy issue. She's worried that even if they are served there and she is out of the room there may be some lingering on chairs, kids, etc. (we all know how toddlers eat so there is a big potention of it ending up all over.) Her work says "It's just the sniffles, get over it." My mother has brought in dr.s notes to explain that it is definitly not "just the sniffles" and that exposure to bananas is/can be a life altering experience for her. The school also has a no latex policy because of another employee allergy. My mother loves her kids and is an amazing teacher so she really doesn't want to leave. It driving me batty and really ticking me off that she's getting treated this way by a job that she gives 200% to. I personally believe the head of the school is trying to make my mother's life difficult because she precieves my mother to be a threat.

Anyone know what rights she has in relation to allergies and the work place? Comments? Suggestions? Magically cures for banana allergies?
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