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Okay so my ds is allergic to egg whites, gluten, wheat, cheddar cheese, duck, coconut and dogs and cats. He is also borderline allergic to chicken and cinnamon.<br><br>
Three weeks ago he also had an anaphylactic reaction to cashew butter (add ALL nuts to that list now) that led us to the hospital and now he is in the midst of blood tests for every food you could think of...<br><br>
Two weeks ago he had a high fever for a few days - around 103-104F.<br><br>
For the last two weeks or so he has had diarreah or super soft peanut butter consistency poop. He also has gas (he calls them "poopy bubbles" <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"> ) throughout the day. He has been pooping about 4-6 times per day - before this time, he pooped 1-2 times a day.<br><br>
Any thoughts? I had heard that sometimes viruses can work their way out of the body this way but it has been so long! My ds does have oatmeal for breakfast and occasionally has sprouted wheat bread - should I maybe eliminate these too? Before 2 or 3 weeks ago he didn't have reactions to these things. My Ped. had recommended quercetin or Allerease but I hadn't noticed a huge difference when I gave him Allerease and I wasn't sure whether the Quercetin would help food allergies?<br><br>
Any thoughts? I have thought about eliminating all dairy but his allergy testing showed he wasn't allergic to I am open to any and all suggestions...I want my little guy to feel better!<br><br>
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