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My 19 month niece has had a cough for about 6 weeks now. Originally she was given donatussin then donatussin DM then albuterol, but the cough persisted.<br>
Just yesterday a new doctor said she has allergies (according to Denni-Morgan lines and dark circles under eyes). He prescribed albuterol again 3x a day and singular 1x a day. Last night, after starting meds she couldn't sleep. My BIL got her out of bed and she vomited, then had trouble sleeping all night. This morning she wasn't interested in food. My sis is going to call the doc.<br>
Her Dad does have allergies which have been acting up lately, and she was breastfed until 14 months.<br>
Does this sound like allergies? Does she really need all of that medication? And do doctors recommend that she permanently take allergy meds at that age? Thanks for any thoughts.<br><br>
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