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Allergy eyes in baby? pictures added

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Here are three pictures. Click on the featured album to see all of them.
Do all babies have wrinkles under their eyes at around 4 months? He has had them since birth so I thought it was a baby thing. My ds2 has food allergies and I have had to elliminate dairy from my diet while nursing ds3 who is a little over 4 months old. I dont see any other signs of allergy except the wrinkles. They seem to get worse when he is tired. Anyways thanks in advance for your input!
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Can you post a photo of your ds3? That might help others get an opinion of whether you're seeing things or not.

DS2 definitely gets bags under his eyes when he's tired, but I do sometimes see shadows under his eyes -- but then I think it could just be my imagination, because it's so subtle.
Both my 2yo and my 4mo have wrinkles under their eyes, but only dd has had dark circles too and she has alot of allergies. I think wrinkles can just be about eye shape, but dark circles can be a sign of allergies.
What a cutie!

I just see the shape of his eyes. I don't see allergic shiner there.
It just looks like wrinkles, not an allergic shiner to me.

Originally Posted by Wolfmeis
What a cutie!

I just see the shape of his eyes. I don't see allergic shiner there.
What is allergic shiner? Is that an official term? I swear I have learned more about allergies on line and here then from my Doc.

My DD is allergic to milk and eggs. I have never noticed anything about her eyes other then how beautiful and dark blue they are.

Oh and OP, what a cutie!
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I'm not at home, so I can't post pics of my baby, who DOES have allergy shiners. You know how your eyes look baggy and are dark underneath when you don't get enough sleep? THat's what allergy shiners look like.

I just did a google image search
Thanks, not like lilys eyes at all. (but I know what to look for now.)

She occasionally gets a runny nose (clear) , but is rarely sick (got to love breast milk). I think the runny nose normally is a virus.

I am going to post a picture of her eyes to see what you guys think.
your son's eyes look just like my son's eyes and his ND says they are shiners from food allergies. his IGG test came back - he is gluten intolerant and moderately intolerant to casein, dairy, and eggs. good luck to you!
Actually, way back when all of ds2's allergies were being uncovered, I learned that babies with multiple food allergies frequently have a wrinkle or fold under their eyes, not quite like the normal "shiner". I thought it was interesting because ds2 does have that fold and neither of my other kids do. The folds intensify when he's been exposed to an allergen.
that is interesting that kids with mulitple allergies have wrinkles under their eyes. We just notice puffy eyes.
It's not so much a wrinkle as a puffy fold. There was a site that had pictures, but that was three years ago--I'll see if I can it.

They're called Dennie-Morgan folds. And I guess they're associated as much with eczema as food allergies, but--for us anyway--they're entertwined. And I do remember an article that specifically linked the folds with multiple foods allergies, but I can't find it now. (I originally found the article on the now-defunct POFAK list, so if anyone is a member of, one of the other long-standing members might rermember the discussion.) When my son is reacting to something, the folds get really puffy and distinct. It's not quite the same as a shiner.
is that little eye wrinkle always associated with food allergies and eczema? our girl has the wrinkle, and usually a little bit of shadow but hasnt shown any signs of food allergies... she does have extremely sensitive skin though, and is very sensitive to topical irritants (we have to be really careful what lotions we use and she cant wear anything but cotton without breaking out in spots) i have the same thing though, and get seasonal eczemas and runny itchy eyes. i had never even heard of the connection between dark circles and food allergies.
It is associated w/ any kind of allergies, food or environmental.

Hey, I've been home for a week, I'm finally going to post pics of my kids. Here is ds2 and my nephew. My ds2 does not have any known allergies that we can figure out, or that he tested positive to, but the allergist told me he has allergy shiners and wants to have him retested when he's 4 (testing is more accurate then.)THis was taken over 2 years ago. THey are now 3 and going to be 3 next month (they're a month apart.) My nephew is the one w/ the horribe eczema on his cheeks. My sister never figured out what he was allergic to through diet elimination, but when he was spt'd at 2 years, he had a very mild oat and peanut allergy, which explained a lot!

And here is a recent picture of ds1, close up, and you can see his allergy shiners.
my son's eyes look just like the pictures you uploaded. some days they are super puffy. we've been eating allergen free for 1 week. i wonder how long until his eyes are not puffy anymore?
This whole topic really has me wondering (and obsessing over my DD's eyes.) They do look a bit like some of the pictures posted, but then again A LOT of kids and peoples eyes look like that. In fact they look a lot like her big sisters eyes (with no allergies, except Penicillin.)

I am going to look for some pictures to post. I can't remember the pass word to my photo bucket account.

Still look at the picture of the adorable baby in the cat bird baby add often at the top of the web page here. Many wrinkles in those baby eyes.
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Ok, found my photobucket account and password. (only took 4 trys.)

This picture is was taken on 4th of July. She was just shy of 2 years old there. Her eyes look prety wrinkly here, part of it might just be the picture, and her smile.

This one was Easter, right next to her big sister. I think their eyes look a lot a like her sisters, who has no food allergies, and no major other allergies (no contact with Pencilin sense she was 9 months old.)

What do you guys think?
i was wondering the same thing... please take a look! (also a good one in my sig)
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